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Arcade1up Cabinet Graphics & Printing

The Arcade1Up cabinet offers a compact and authentic arcade gaming experience, featuring a collection of classic titles in a single, stylish unit. 

Arcade1Up goes above and beyond by providing meticulously crafted arcade graphics, offering gamers the option to choose from a vast array of artwork and high-quality vinyl wraps to customize their cabinets with a personalized touch.

    Arcade wraps & Design costs

    You get printable files only at 45 USD. Printing high quality wrap and shipment of 1up kit would start from 105 USD only. We have wide range of artworks and we can work on custom design at minimal cost. You can contact us directly and ask for quote by mentioning artwork you need and cabinet you are having.

    About Arcade1up Cabinet

    The Arcade1Up cabinet brings the joy of arcade gaming right into your home, offering a wide selection of classic titles in a compact form factor. Its sturdy build and authentic design, complete with original artwork and control layouts, provide an immersive retro gaming experience.


    With easy assembly and varying themes to choose from, Arcade1Up cabinets cater to gamers of all ages, making them a popular choice for arcade enthusiasts and casual players alike. They have many different types of cabinets, which is mentioned below. 

    Arcade1up Types

    1. Standup arcade machines

    2. Sit down arcade machines

    3. Pinball machines

    We can provide artwork for every arcade1up types. You can provide us dimensions and we will get it done for you. We are not official partner of 1up, you can explore their wonderful site here.

    Explore Artwork Themes

    Step into a world of artistic possibilities with our diverse range of artwork themes for arcade cabinets. Embrace nostalgia with retro game-themed graphics, featuring iconic characters and classic pixel art that transport you back to the golden age of gaming.


    Step into the world of nostalgia and excitement with our arcade cabinet artwork themes. With over 500 captivating options to choose from, you can relive classic gaming moments or dive into futuristic realms. Embrace your unique style with custom artwork, turning your arcade cabinet into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that truly reflects your gaming personality.

    Printing wraps specifications

    All of our printing wraps comes with 1 or 2 inches extra space, so that you can easily apply artwork and cut residue. We have options for laminations and different marquees as well. If you have any other specifications to let us know and we will do it as you want. We print wraps in high quality vinyl and ship it safely to any place. 

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