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Return, Replacement & Refund Policy

Returns & Rufunds are accepted within 14 days of item being delivered
To raise your query regarding return & refund policy - mail us at
What we will need to approve your Return/ Replace/ Refund

1. Proof with sending us pictures of damaged vinyl

2. If you received damaged shipment - please provide us all pictures regarding that issue - so we can address the issue and based on evaluation we can take decision further

3. If you receive damage in printing such as colour damage or bubble effect, please send those pictures so we can address it accordingly

How it works?

Based on your query and proof we will evaluate issue and find out the reason for damage. There are usually 2 aspects for this to happen. 

1. Mistake by Printing machines (damage in prints, bubbles, colour defect)
2. Mistake by Courier and handling of shipment (Damaged prints due to bad shipment)


Upon those aspects we will get back to you with appropriate solution and we will either send partial refund, full refund or replacement of products - mutually agreed via our mail conversation.

Don't worry, we are hear to satisfy you with our utmost precautions and care - we will help you out in the best possible way

When can you claim Return or Replacement or Refund

1. Return or Replacement : While 95% of the time, we will not take damaged product but we will send new fresh products. Damage or defect should be significant and you should be able to provide us pictures to evaluate. Upon damage or defects on more than 2-3 part vinyl - we will proceed further for replacement of vinyl request.
2. Refund : If you have received damage or defect in one piece or in one or two prints; we will refund partial amount so that you can print it locally and get this issue solved - we will send files and all necessary support in this case. 

Usual Cases are listed below
1. Damaged products on arrival
2. Faulty products 

3. Wrong products arrived 

Cancellation after ordering

If we are in designing phase - we shall consider partial cancellation. But if product is approved by you and already been printed or shipped - we can't proceed with cancellation. In that case, we will help you in our maximum capacity though. 

Time frame for Return/ Replacement/ Refund:

Based on your query - allow us 7 days to figure out actual problems. Upon arriving decision mutually. We will initiate refund immediately. For replacement - allow us further 7 to 10 days till it gets to your place again 

Final words: 

While we are here to help our all clients with our utmost care and respect. 
We can't provide return, replacement or refund of printings everytime. If it is genuine fault from our side - we will surely work towards perfection for you. 
Although, we work towards it and try to solve maximum queries and dissatisfaction our clients have. 

If you have any dissatisfaction regarding product - please mail me at


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