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Upright Cabinet Arcade Graphics & Printing

Providing great artworks, graphics, and full wrap printing to upright cabinets is essential to create an engaging and nostalgic gaming experience for players. High-quality artworks and graphics can transport players back in time with classic pixel art or captivate them with modern, visually stunning designs.


Full wrap printing allows for a seamless and immersive cabinet exterior, turning the upright cabinets into captivating centerpieces that enhance the ambiance of any arcade or gaming space. By investing in top-notch artwork and printing, arcade owners can attract more players and elevate the overall appeal of their full-sized upright cabinets.

Arcade wraps & Design costs

You get printable files at 45 USD only. We print high quality vinyl and ship it to any place. Getting accurate quote is now easy - you can simply fill out all dimensions to the link given below and we will get back to you with quote. You can mention theme or artwork you want and we will do the rest. It costs around 105 to 210 USD for printing and shipment. Get quote now

About Upright Cabinet

An upright arcade cabinet is a classic gaming machine designed to stand vertically, resembling a large rectangular box with a screen and controls. There are several types of upright arcade cabinets, including classic cabinets from the golden age of arcade gaming, modern reproductions, and custom-built cabinets.


Classic upright cabinets often featured iconic games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong, contributing to the golden era of arcade gaming in the 1980s. Modern reproductions maintain the nostalgic design while incorporating updated technology and a broader selection of games, appealing to both retro enthusiasts and a new generation of gamers. Custom-built upright arcade cabinets allow enthusiasts to personalize their gaming experience by choosing specific games, artwork, and control layouts to suit their preferences.

Explore Artwork Themes

Step into a world of artistic possibilities with our diverse range of artwork themes for arcade cabinets. Embrace nostalgia with retro game-themed graphics, featuring iconic characters and classic pixel art that transport you back to the golden age of gaming.


Immerse yourself in cinematic adventures with our movie-based designs, bringing beloved film characters and scenes to life on your cabinet. For those seeking variety, our multicade artwork themes offer a treasure trove of gaming experiences, with mash-ups of various genres and styles that ensure every gaming session is a thrilling and unique adventure. Explore all of our arcade artworks here.

Printing wraps specifications

All of our printing wraps comes with 1 or 2 inches extra space, so that you can easily apply artwork and cut residue. We have options for laminations and different marquees as well. If you have any other specifications to let us know and we will do it as you want. We print wraps in high quality vinyl and ship it safely to any place. 

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