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Atgames Legends Ultimate Arcade Graphics & Printing

The AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade cabinet printing and graphics service offers a captivating array of stunning artworks, allowing customers to personalize their cabinets with unique and eye-catching designs.


With a full wrap option, the graphics seamlessly cover the entire cabinet, creating a visually immersive experience that celebrates the essence of arcade gaming.


Elevate your gaming space with the AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade cabinet printing, transforming it into a nostalgic centerpiece that captures the spirit of classic arcade gaming in all its glory.

Arcade wraps & Design costs

You get printable files at 45 USD only also printing and shipment of legends ultimate wrap cost you 155 USD onwards. You can select any artwork from our collection and ask us to work on custom design that you want. We will be happy to provide you quote. You can contact us directly and ask for quote by mentioning artwork you need and cabinet you are having. Contact us now. 

About Atgames Legends Ultimate

The AtGames Legends Ultimate arcade cabinet is a feature-packed gaming system that brings the excitement of retro arcade gaming into your home. With over 300 built-in games and the ability to add even more through online connectivity, it offers an extensive library of classic titles to enjoy. The large 24-inch HD display, coupled with authentic arcade-style controls, provides an immersive gaming experience for players of all ages.


Moreover, the cabinet's sleek design and customizable graphics make it a stylish addition to any gaming setup, capturing the nostalgia of the arcade era while embracing modern technology. We are not official partner of this wonderful cabinet manufacturers but we provide full wrap for arcade enthusiasts who have this cabinet and wanting a whole new experience in terms of graphics. Check their official website here. 

Explore Artwork Themes

Step into a world of artistic possibilities with our diverse range of artwork themes for arcade cabinets. Embrace nostalgia with retro game-themed graphics, featuring iconic characters and classic pixel art that transport you back to the golden age of gaming.


Immerse yourself in cinematic adventures with our movie-based designs, bringing beloved film characters and scenes to life on your cabinet. For those seeking variety, our multicade artwork themes offer a treasure trove of gaming experiences, with mash-ups of various genres and styles that ensure every gaming session is a thrilling and unique adventure. Explore all of our arcade artworks here and you can get it for legends ultimate too. 

Printing wraps specifications

All of our printing wraps comes with 1 or 2 inches extra space, so that you can easily apply artwork and cut residue. We have options for laminations and different marquees as well. If you have any other specifications to let us know and we will do it as you want. We print wraps in high quality vinyl and ship it safely to any place. 

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