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  • Atgames legends ultimate cabinet specified arcade graphics
  • We can set any artwork to any cabinet   (custom cabinets too)
  • Artwork is based on : Marvel vs Capcom 2

About Product :

  • We Design, Print and ship arcade graphics artwork and vinyls to any place in the world
  • We can provide printable psd files and you can print locally (selling at 45 USD)
  • We print arcade vinyl at highest quality and laminate it with glossy/matte


Specifications for Printing and Shipment

  • All Vinyl will be printed on high gloss material - 100 micron avery dennision. It will come with gloss/matte lamination
  • It gets shipped in hard tube for safe shipment.
  • All vinyl will come in rectangle format - you can apply to cabinet and cut residue accordingly. It's safest method and you don't need to worry about artworks getting cut out.
  • All parts will have 2 inches bleed (extra space) for risk free application of stickers


We are not official partner or don't own exclusive rights for recroom masters cabinet. We are here to serve  customers who are seeking for fresh artworks. Please purchase cabinet from their official website :

Please enter further details in buyer field - if you have any specifications

Contact us before purchasing if you have any queries.


  • About Marvel vs capcom 2 :

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Arcade Game brings together the dynamic worlds of Marvel superheroes and Capcom characters in a fast-paced fighting game, offering players a chance to create explosive crossover battles. With its diverse roster and intense gameplay, it's a classic arcade experience that continues to captivate gamers.


  • About Recroom masters:

The RecRoom Masters Arcade Cabinet offers a nostalgic gaming experience with its classic design and authentic controls. Featuring a wide selection of retro games, Cabinet promises hours of fun for players of all ages. With its sturdy construction and easy setup it is the perfect addition to any gaming space or entertainment room.


Marvel vs Capcom 2 recroom masters

  • Want to customize the theme? Just tell us your ideas in buyers' note in checkout page.

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